Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

After a busy first week in Kenya, Easter weekend with John and Erin was low key. On Saturday we hiked Hell's Gate with Scott and Lara.
After church on Sunday, we enjoyed a great dinner with friends.Monday was a national holiday, so we relaxed around the house. John made friends with a chameleon who ventured through the front door.
Then it was back to work on Tuesday. It was difficult to start work again with friends visiting because I wanted to stay in fantasy fun world, but it's not TOO tough. I've saved all my personal days for John and Erin's visit, so we're headed to the coast this weekend for some R&R on the beach. It's really hard work hosting friends! :)


  1. Ahh Kim... You sound like the consummate hostess. Wish I could come visit too! Enjoy that nice warm weather for me and soak up some serious rays at the coast this weekend.

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  3. what a great Easter weekend! I'd say the mango chutney chicken was top notch... well, maybe it came in second to the chocolate brownies... =)