Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

I walked into church this morning to the sound of "Joy to the World", and I thought to myself, "Oh yea! It's Christmas." It has been a strange Christmas season for me without the commercialization of the season, lights on every street, and the lack of seeing my breath outside. It feels more like a summer holiday, with the exception that I have to go to work each day. I walk to and from school seeing the scenes pictured here and the temperature rising each day (Micah and Marla, I think of you often in this climate). It's just plain weird! However, there have been moments that remind me it's December...

My Birthday
The day started with my students bringing me lots of gifts and love. My wonderful room moms surprised me with cupcakes and beautiful flowers.

In the evening my friends threw me a party - a progressive dinner.
Here we're waiting for the main course.

While waiting, Stanley sang me an African song to the beat of the drum.

The Staff Christmas Party
Christa, Wendy, and I are standing in front of the first Christmas tree I'd seen in Kenya. It was December 6, and our party was outdoors.

Candles and Christmas decorations felt like the season even though we were eating on a patio outside, and I wasn't wearing a huge winter coat.

Christmas is here! I have to keep reminding myself of that because it surely doesn't feel like it!


  1. Glad you get to enjoy the season without commercialization. However, if you would like snow just go to and see what we have been blessed with today.

    Merry Christmas,


  2. it is so weird being in warm weather in the christmas season. we are getting into it by singing christmas carols as often as possible. we'll have to tell you about a game we are playing with carols...

  3. The crazy christmas will continue. By the way, sorry you have been sick. I just started my 4th round of abx in the past 2 months! Hope it doesn't continue.