Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Joys of 5th Grade!

This week my class was in charge of chapel. Our topic was "responsibility", and the kids did a superb job remembering their lines and parts. I was very proud of them. It reminded me of assemblies at Veritas School. We even sang a song about responsibility (in the good old classical Christian education style), which I wrote to the tune of "Do a Deer". Whether in Africa or America, there's always a song to sing in Miss Grimes' classroom!
What did NOT remind me of Veritas was sending 11 girls to the principal on Friday. My "teacher skills" (or parenting skills?) are definitely being put to the test with my pre-teen fifth graders. They have awesome hearts and are amazing kids, but sometimes I think those rising hormones cause a blockage in their brains. Oh the joys of teaching! :)


  1. We the people of the United States... I can hear the song now. What about the 12 days of Oregon Trail. Ah... that was a good one too. I love that you chose a song for Sound of Music for your latest memorization. You may have to watch sleepover 3 to relive the singalong.

  2. Kim, just wait until after Christmas...something about the break turns fifth graders into middleschoolers! Ah, let the good times begin!