Saturday, October 25, 2008

U.S. Elections in Kenya

While family and friends back home are bombarded with political TV commercials, internet pop-ups, and campaign signs in neighbors' yards, US citizens in Kenya see only one face and hear one name: Obama. If Kenyans were voting in the US election, Barack Obama would win by a landslide. Most of this is due to the fact that his father was Luo , one of the major ethnic groups in Kenya. So when I'm shopping in the market or talking with friends, I'm often asked who I'm voting for. If I say Obama's name, I'll always get a friendly smile from Kenyan friends or a better price from the vendor. Kenyans' views don't just show themselves on the front page of the newspaper or in conversation. I've seen bumper stickers, signs, clothes, and even a secretary's book bag at school with Obama's face and name. Has all this campaigning swayed my vote? I'm not telling! :)

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  1. Kim, love your blog. Have read article in Kenyan Paper along with your blog and have been amazed at other countries view of U.S. In keeping with that theme, the video link below is the best I have received during these political times. Enjoyed your trip to Mombosa and right about now wish I was on a warm sunny beach. It is beautiful and sunny here and the trees are showing their fall colors.

    Enjoy link below. Love and miss you. Sue.