Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 3!

Three days without water and still the faucets are void of a single drop. That's right... Three days of no showers, three days of not flushing toilets, three days without drinking water, and three days of not washing dishes. We've found ways around our limited supply of water, however. We went to a friend's house on Sunday night for showers. We pray each night for rain to fill the buckets we've placed outside, which has been successful once. This took care of the toilets. I'm filling up multiple water bottles with drinking water at school each day and bringing them home to quench thirst and brush teeth. Then today a small dribble was found on the faucet outside our back porch, so we're leaving it slowly dripping and washing the dishes with that. Tonight I used some of our collected water to boil eggs. With the left over boiled water (full of chicken poop from the eggs) I flushed my toilet. I won't even mention the laundry issues!

Here I am recycling the boiled water to flush the toilet.So every time you use your kitchen sink, flush your toilet, start a load of laundry, drain your pasta and just let the water flow down the sink, you can think of me. Please keep praying for rain, so our water shortage ends. And pray that the Nairobi City Council turns our water back on.


  1. wow, the things I take for granted!I am praying for ya! God Bless!

  2. Wow Kim, what an adventure you are having! You're so cute and just making the best of everything like you always do. We'll be praying for that rain for you! :)

  3. And Kim continues to the picture. Our class is praying for rain over Africa!!~~ Love you~~