Thursday, June 19, 2008


In an attempt to see as many family and friends as possible before I move to Nairobi, I was in Idaho this week. I stayed with my grandpa for several days. We visited and went out to get chicken wings for Father's Day (Grandpa's choice). Here's Grandpa Grimes and me.
I also visited with my dear college roommate, Teddi Jo, and her growing family. We went on our annual shopping outing, took daily walks, and spent lots of time talking, talking, talking.
The best part of my visit with Teddi was meeting the newest Bledsoe. Colt is a cutie, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing DR and Teddi being awesome parents. Colt spent his time bouncing, drooling, and smiling with me. It was strange to think that the next time I see him he'll be running all over the place. Who knows... He may have a little brother or sister by then!
Thank you Grandpa, DR, Teddi, and Colt for a great visit. We'll do it again next year!

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