Monday, April 28, 2008

Mom's Visit

My mom visited me in Oregon this week ~ a mother-daughter excursion before we do it again in Kenya. It was a great week with lots of talking, resting, and playing. Here are a few of our adventures...

We visited Pittock Mansion in Portland, which is something my mom has wanted to do since I went to college in Oregon in 1996. (I'm getting old - that was over a decade ago!)

We walked through the Japanese gardens.

God blessed us with a gorgeous day at the Oregon coast where Mom got to explore the tide pools.
Our Sunday afternoon was spent on a family history tour. I took Mom to visit my great, great grandpa's house, which she last visited at the age of 15.
On our tour we went to the graves of my ancestors. Here is the grave of my great, great, great grandmother, Emily McPherson, who came to Oregon on the transcontinental railroad with her young children after her husband died in Oklahoma.
My mom even went on a field trip with my class and me for our study of pioneers in Oregon. Here you can see we dressed for the occasion.
I don't think it mattered what we did, I was very blessed with my mom's visit and getting some alone time with her. It was fun to show her my world, even though it's changing in two and a half months. I look forward to doing it again in Kenya! Thanks for coming Mom. I love you!


  1. Looks like you two had a great was fun to see your mom. She looks just exactly the same as I remember her! :) By the way, did you ever have any luck finding more family history stuff? That's so cool that you have already done so much. Great pictures, as usual! :)

  2. Kim, what a fun visit it must have been! I love the picture of the Pittock Mansion~a place I have wanted to go but only driven past. Can you actually go inside? I'm so glad you got to have time with your mom. Will you see your sisters before you leave? As usual, so excited for you! :)

  3. Kim! You must be a great teacher. Are you going to miss your school? I have to admit that reading your blog and all the comments posted by rachel and melissa is making me nostalgic! Don't you just miss the good old days sometimes. You know, back when we used to say, "We're so old" about turning 16! :) Now we are 30... that's really old! I think my next blog will be a tribute to younger days and the AK. I may even have some pictures to go along with that theme! (hmmm, at my current pace that means it will be published sometime next year! Hah, ever the procrastinator.)

    I love you Kim! You are truly inspirational.

  4. Kim, so happy that you got some quality time with your Mom. Hoping that you get more of the same with other special people in your life. And I'm really hoping that I get to be one of them! Still no word on that darn visa, but we're trusting God for His timing. Enjoy those sunny days, we in Brazil are FREEZING to death at 60 degrees!

  5. actually that was Marla's comment, not sure why Micah got the credit?!

  6. What fun! I want to go on vacation with MY mom. :) That sounds like such a great time! I'm glad you got to do it. And Portland is such a fun area. I only got to see a little bit, and it was night and cold, so I really want to go back sometime in the summer.

    Well, I'll be seeing you soon. I'm sure looking forward to seeing you, and sending you off on your great adventure. :) I'm really excited for you. As I know you are, for sure!

    I love you lots! Keep the posts a coming. It's lots of fun to see the great pics, and hear how you are!
    Love, Melissa

  7. I fixed my blog comment problem. You can leave comments again. :)