Sunday, May 24, 2015

To market to market...

Two weeks ago we moved back to the city. We're enjoying the advantages the city offers... take-out, shops on every corner and public transport. Today we meandered over to some ruin-pubs where markets can be found on Sundays.

Ruin-pubs are unique to Budapest. You won't see anything like it elsewhere. The bombed-out buildings of World War II that dot the Jewish District of Budapest have been up-cycled to become trendy pubs and hang-outs. On Sundays, some of them open themselves to local vendors. While people drink beer in a courtyard of the old Jewish Ghetto, others are shopping for cheese, meat and veggies. Today our shopping bag was filled with eggs, strawberries, honey, spicy sausage and aged cheese. Yum!

You know where to find me on Sundays!

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