Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not so popular on Facebook...

A month ago I posted an article on Facebook. It didn't get a single 'like' or 'comment'. Not one! I realize I'm not so popular as to get loads of comments on my Facebook feed, but when I looked back, EVERYTHING else on my feed had some likes and comments. EVERYTHING, except this one article. Why? Because this is what it said:

Why You Need More Muslim Friends

Ok, don't stop reading yet.
Just read a little further. 

I realize this is a hot topic. A hot topic in America. A hot topic amongst Christians. A hot topic amongst Muslims too. And since most of the people reading this blog are the Christian/American side of this hot topic, don't get frustrated or annoyed or think "here goes the Christian girl who has become liberal" yet. I just want to say...

This article is actually from a CHRISTIAN magazine. Just consider reading it. Whether you agree, disagree or think I'm totally crazy (aka liberal), I really think it reflects the WWJD idea. And whether you believe in Jesus or America or Christianity, it really reflects human decency from a regular American Christian guy. And we all need a little human decency in our lives these days. So be encouraged at the good things still happening in this world and take a look at this article. I think it shows that all we need is love. (Ok, that last comment was cheesy, but it's true!)


  1. As the article you linked to clearly shows, we need more actual, real loving acts of reaching out to others without fear. In the end, all we really have is each other.

    I applaud your courage to write this post, and the one at Facebook. I do not use Facebook. So I will just give you a big thumbs up here instead.


  2. I don't see this article on your fb newsfeed did you post it for friends or accidentally post it just for yourself? I've done that before and wondered!!