Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stars in our Eyes

From Hungary, through Austria, across Germany, hitting the tip of the Netherlands and finally arriving in Belgium. And then back. After 2000 kilometers of driving, we finished our first road trip in our new car. A couple months ago we found the car for us, so during our spring holiday we had to test its road-worthiness. As Will said about 5 hours into the trip (and about 25 more road hours to go), "I had stars in my eyes." We definitely decided on a BIG venture to start our European road tripping, but it had a great purpose... Westvleteren beer. One of Will's first hopes with this new car was to drive to Belgium and fill the car with beer. Well, we did just that. We are loaded up now. And if you know anything about Westvleteren 12, then you may think it VERY worth it. My dream was camping along the way. So we combined them and took off. The result was a lot of fun...

Mission accomplished!


  1. Nice to see that roadtripping and camping along the way are doable in Europe. That is the biggest thing we miss since living here in Manila, Philippines. Sounds like it was a great trip! - Courtney

  2. Love your adventures.