Saturday, February 8, 2014

What is your hat style?

Winter finally came to Budapest a couple weeks ago.  The decrease in temperature increases the number of hat-wearers in the city.  And there is no lack of variety here.  You can see the usual modern styles...

And then there are my favorites... the fur, the animals, and more fur...

Grown women of all ages wear all of these styles.  Which hat style would you choose in Budapest?


  1. I would totally wear the fourth one down!

  2. I recently discharged an 80+ y.o. lady wearing a beaver pelt (from AK) like the last hat pictured. She looked good and it was SO soft!!!!

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  4. I have so many hats in my closet! My style is more like the first two photos. I just found you doing a search for new blogs on blogger. You can follow me back at