Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It gets easier...

It's the time of year when people move overseas... school is starting and businessmen, teachers and students tend to start their lives in a new country.  Most likely those of you who are new to a country have been there a few weeks now.  Maybe you are loving it, enjoying the "honeymoon phase" we all relish with a new move.  You're thriving on each new challenge and overcoming the simple obstacles like shopping and getting to work.  Or maybe you've been in your new "home" a few weeks and you're wondering what the hell you're doing in this place.  What were you thinking?!  Either way, let me begin by telling you... it gets easier.

Every year we get new teachers at the school and every year I'm reminded what it's like to be the new person.  Trying to figure out the littlest things can be so frustrating.  And even though I've done it in three countries now, I always look forward to being settled and enjoying the day when paying my cell phone bill is no big deal,
when the bank transfers my money properly,
when I get used to the fact that the shop is never open on the weekend,
when I know which coins are which,
when I have friends again,
when I know my favorite restaurant,
when I know how to navigate this strange language,
when I feel like myself again.
These things that seem different at first eventually become normal.

So to all of you out there who are new to a country this year, I promise... it gets easier.  Ride out the first months of random tears, complete frustration, good days and bad days and you will never regret it.  This new life will become normal.


  1. Good to know. Overall, I'm enjoying my life in China and it feels pretty normal. But, I do feel many of those things you listed. :)

    1. Amy, China is definitely an adjustment. Been there, done that. It's a big cultural change. Stick it out. Cry on the days you need to cry. And laugh at yourself on the days you need to laugh. Give yourself time. And know that you're definitely not the only one! :) Email me if you need to rant sometime. Anytime.

  2. Bigger than Hungary was for you?

    1. Hungary was the easiest move I've made. Very easy, accommodating country!