Friday, March 29, 2013

Lost in Translation

There are many funny "lost in translation" kinds of terms that everyone experiences when going from country to country.

The Brits laugh at the American's "fanny pack".

Kenyans say "flash me" when asking for your phone number.

And my favorite two in Hungary...

When you leave a store or restaurant, Hungarians will often say "hello" as you walk out the door.  Hello for goodbye.  It's used more like the Hawaiian "Aloha".  Getting used to it, but a little awkward when I get back home.

Hungarians kiss when they greet and say goodbye, like many cultures.  So when they say goodbye on the phone, it's common to hear someone say "kiss kiss" as they get close to hanging up.  "Kiss kiss" in Hungarian is pronounced  "pussy pussy".  English speakers can't help but giggle a bit at that one.

Do you have any good "lost in translation" stories?


1 comment:

  1. I would NOT be able to keep a straight face! Also, I laugh at "fanny pack." I mean, what the hell are we thinking and what kind of name is that for a product??? ;)