Sunday, January 13, 2013

Voices from Hungary

Bronze shoes along the Danube.
A Holocaust memorial.
"A significant part of the Roma are unfit for coexistence.  They are not fit to live among people.  These Roma are animals and behave like animals."

This was a recent quote from a Hungarian politician.  He's part of the political party that holds the most power in Hungary right now, the political party that conservative Hungarians support.  The theme of prejudice and anti-semitism is becoming more and more prevalent in Hungary.  As I read article after article and hear some Hungarian co-workers express their pro-government stance for this current administration, it scares me to death.  Their words sound a lot like those that led to the execution of millions of Europeans in the 1940s.  In a country that survived Nazi invasion and Russian communist control within the last 70 years... In a country that houses a Holocaust Museum and The House of Terror...  In a country that has memorials throughout the city, bronze baby shoes on the edge of the river to remind themselves of the innocent who were killed and thrown away... It baffles me that people actually still think this way.  A lot of people.  And I'm scared to think what all this hateful talk and thinking might lead to.

Recent News in Hungary


  1. I hear what you are saying, has it just cropped up or been building since you've been there? Think 2nd Amendment folks feel the same here.

  2. Well I read the whole article, and I wholeheartedly agree with Bayer's viewpoints, and only hope the others do as well.
    Here is the oiriginal:
    It's in Hungarian so I don't know whether will you understand it.

  3. what do "2nd amendment folks" feel the same about? i think it is nothing like what this post is talking about. besides, people in the states who constantly scream about the 2nd amendment and their "rights" to own guns, conveniently forget that there were no assault rifles being carried around when the constitution was being written. or that everywhere else is the world is much safer with less guns. its an asinine belief to think to that more guns = less violence. kind of like how the same vein of people seem to forget that the founding fathers of america weren't overtly christian. it all comes down to ignorance.