Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another good thing about cold weather

... it makes warmer holidays all the more amazing!

We cruised through the Mediterranean last week.  A much needed holiday from the craziness they call education.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of the cruise experience, but I loved waking up from a comfortable bed each morning to see a new city or country.  

We, the crew of 6, started in Rome.  Aside from Italians possibly being louder than Americans, I could easily live in Rome.  It forever remains an awesome city to hang out in, eat gelato in, people watch in, eat in, see a lot of old stuff in, eat some more in, and just wander the streets for hours in.

Next we ventured onto Salerno, Italy.  We didn't see a good beach, but it was warm and definitely Italian.  If you're looking for a real small-town-Italian experience, Salerno could be the place for you.

Then we hopped on the boat for a day and a night to get to Tunis, Tunisia.  This was my favorite port by far.  It was Sub-Sahara Africa meets Europe.  Great infrastructure.  A medina to wander, look, and shop (felt like Stone Town, Zanzibar a bit).  Chaotic traffic.  Roman ruins.  Blue and white Mediterranean homes (like Santorini, Greece).  Ocean, beach, warm.  I think I could live in Tunis, despite a few unused tanks scattered throughout the city.  All was calm from their recent revolution while we were there and the people were very friendly.

Next stop was Ibiza, Spain.  Great old town to explore.  Medieval buildings still in tact.  

Palma de Mallorca was another great spot.  Definitely worth a trip.  On the to-do list for my next visit... check out the beaches.

Marseille, France followed.  An industrial city amongst fisherman.  Liked the feel and old town. 

Genoa, Italy was the last port.  This was the only port I had visited prior to the trip, but we still found new sites to explore, including a Medieval piazza that looks the same today (for the most part) as it did hundreds of years ago.  Let's face it, some cities are worth many visits.  I think Genoa is one of them.

At the end of the trip the crew of 6 are all still friends.  (Travel is a sure way to weed out true friendship.)  And we ventured back to Budapest to freezing temperatures and snow!  Cold weather makes me appreciate the last bit of sun my pale skin got.

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  1. I'd take a cruise anytime, anywhere. Especially right about now! :) Glad you had a fun trip...I love reading about all of your adventures!

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