Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back "Home"

First song heard in the US... When We All Get To Heaven.  Sung with a very strong Southern twang through the speakers of the Dallas airport.

Majority of travelers on the plane... Teenagers coming home from mission trips wearing Jesus T-shirts.

Voices heard while boarding the plane to US... Lots of English.  Lots of LOUD English.

Grocery shopping... Had to go back to the cereal aisle twice because there were just too many choices.

Happiest purchase on Day One - Oil of Olay Face Moisturizer with SPF.

Number of times I've said Kosonom instead of Thank You... None!  I've caught myself about four times today before I actually said it.

One of those things you notice... No Hungarian words on the internet today.

Best part of being in the US... Seeing family of course!

Weirdest part of being in the US... With each visit back, I feel more and more like I just don't quite "fit" here.

Quote of the day... "Y'all are world citizens." I'll take that as a compliment!