Thursday, March 15, 2012

Explain to me...

Why people back home in the US make comments
against welfare,
for the death penalty,
religiously judge the president's heart,
say hateful things toward people who get an abortion,
who are gay,
or who don't believe the same things they do.
Explain to me why I can still get in a debate on facebook
about Obama's birth certificate being forged,
or the welfare system being abused by everyone.
Explain to me why the same people say this is "God's way" or "what Jesus would do".

Because the Jesus I read about had a pretty blatant message:
Feed the poor.
Help the poor.
Give to the poor.
Love your enemy.
Love your neighbor.
He had dinner with the "sinners".
He yelled at the people who were not giving to the poor,
who judged people's hearts,
who wanted an eye for an eye.

Explain to me why American Christianity in the media, on facebook, amongst people I actually know makes absolutely no sense these days.


  1. there's a value of taking care of yourself, pulling yourself up by your boots' straps, not recognizing that you've been born into privilege. so since I can pay my mortgage and feed myself, why can't YOU?

    I don't know how American independence became the battle cry of Christians.

    Just please know that not ALL Christians feel this way. There are many of us who are standing for something different and trying to live our lives in a way where hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, people can see the love of Jesus through our actions.

    I'm sorry you're seeing such ugliness of facebook. I see it too and don't understand.

  2. I agree with you Bekah - not all Christians are that way. That's why I said facebook, some friends, and the media. There are many friends and many people on my facebook that don't shout that "battlecry". Unfortunately, the ones who do turn people's heads and hearts away from Christianity. And then they wonder why people don't want to go to there churches... Really? I guess it just means that those of us who believe differently need to stand up and say so too. That's what I'm learning.

  3. Totally! i think i grew up being so LOUD about my beliefs that now I shy away. Some of it is reconciling my own beliefs with how I was raised. I'm still figuring it out...

  4. Praise God, I definitely had to share this with others. There is so much truth in it. Living in Europe has opened my eyes to who Jesus really is on a whole different level, but also made me realize so much of who Jesus is not. As 'imitators of Christ,' we're kind of bad at realizing that we are so much of what He is not. Bless you and I'll be praying for you!

  5. My kids are going to ban me from Facebook until after the election. It's because I get upset and get into fights. America has made capitalism a god and it has spilled over into the church. It's so sad.