Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Patriotism in Hungary

On Saturday night I got on the tram, a regular night out with friends, but as I stepped on the tram, there wasn't much room for me. Most of the seats and standing room were filled with elderly people wearing ribbons and holding flags. "Must be people coming from another protest," Will comment. He was right. Budapest holds many more protests than the America I once lived in (pre-Occupy Wall Street) and definitely more than Kenya (post-election violence). I've stumbled upon more than one during a walk through the city in the last six months. Although I wasn't present at the recent pro-government rally in down-town Budapest, I thought this Brit's view of the event was interesting. Check out his blog post: Politics by Candlelight, Budapest Rally.



    Are those your friends?
    The names sounded familiar from your blog when I read the guardian.

  2. Pleased to see your friend and colleague are now free. You must be happy and proud.

    (From Brit in Budapest)

  3. Continuing in prayer for Jess' health and recovery from captivity. Also, for others who are still held captive. God is very good.
    Sue G

  4. Kim, Just listened to the morning news and heard JESSCIA IS FREE!!! Hurrah for the Navy Seals and praise be to God for answered prayer.

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts concerning Jess. It is AMAZING news. So happy today!