Monday, July 11, 2011


The Sad Goodbyes:
The toughest people to say goodbye to are our Kenyan friends, who aren't likely to visit Budapest or won't be in town when we're in the States. This was the day the tears started rolling for me.

The Funny Goodbyes:
This is the neighbor's cat, Rafiki. This picture shows how he decided to help us while we were packing.
He'll miss his Uncle Will whom he visited each day. But we gave him his favorite napping blanket to keep, so he'll always remember us.

The Happy Goodbyes:
Gitanga Road, oh how I will never miss thee. Your exhaust fumes, mad matatu drivers, and man-eating holes I will gladly exchange for paved sidewalks, tree-lined paths, and public transportation that is not a major health hazard. Goodbye forever!
I guess most things in life are good and bad.
Goodbyes are no different.
And new adventures too.
We leave in 1 day!

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