Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Pool Party

Last weekend we met the kids from Limuru Children's Center at the home of our friends, Joe and Linda. Everyone enjoyed the pool party, BBQ, and Christmas gifts. Most of the kids from the Center have gone home to their villages to be with their extended family for the holidays. Those who remain at the Center got to enjoy this fun day. The best part for me was getting to hang out with the kids. I don't get to do that much these days, since we live in the city, far from the beautiful tea fields of Limuru. How could you not smile at these kids?...

Singing Christmas Carols.
Kind of funny to listen to Kenyan kids singing, "Dashing through the snow..."
Will's favorite little girl, Jane.
Eating sausages, a rare treat!
Pool party!
Daddy Will taking care of his kiddos...
Smiling girls.
Getting dry and cozy after a good swim.
I wouldn't have wanted to be the dorm parent that night who had to deal with the noise makers and sugar highs that followed! Merry Christmas from Kenya!

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