Monday, November 1, 2010


My British co-workers love to have fun. Going out for drinks or chatting away in the classroom are often more important to them than getting a maths assignment marked or staying late to finish lesson plans. Despite this pleasure-over-work attitude, they seem to get everything done anyway. Their lessons are still amazing. The kids still learn. And they are still good teachers. I say all of this because I have been very overwhelmed with work lately, expecting the busyness that always starts a school year to die down a bit. But it hasn't. It just seems to get busier. So I look at my co-workers and think, what can I learn from them? What can I let go of at work, so I don't go insane? My present goal: Let some things go at work, so I can be a better wife and friend to the people who matter most to me. Thank you my Brit friends for being a great example. Us Americans definitely struggle with workaholism.
Bottom line: Working too much is going to kill me, so I'm stopping now!

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