Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Night...

Tonight Will and I sit on the back porch googling for our upcoming European honeymoon and checking Facebook. It's dark outside. The neighborhood dog gang is howling and causing a commotion. And the termites are out!

At night, especially when it rains, flying termites are attracted to the lights of our house. They squeeze through the cracks in the windows and doors to get into the house, fly in our faces, drop their wings all over the floor, and squirm with their little bodies at our feet. Tonight we're being attacked by them as we sit outside because of the one lone light the illuminates our porch. As they flop around our keyboards and in our faces, Will grabs one and says some choice words, threatening to rip the insect's wings off.

Our annoyance is actually a delicacy in Kenya. Big fat fried termites are eaten with pleasure by Kenyans. I've never tried it, but I think I'm OK with not experiencing that part of Kenya.


  1. I really like this posts. Gives a great portrait of life in the moment:)

  2. So, as I am reading the post I'm thinking & singing a Kim song "Termites belong to the"...oh, no...what is their order? fyi: Blattodea!! Miss you.

  3. Hey, how about a termite trap. That would draw them away from you. Then sell them to locals. Use earnings for honeymoon in Europe.