Thursday, February 18, 2010

Four weeks, but who's counting?

This week I went to get my wedding dress altered. In the States, people go to a quaint little shop, stand in front of mirrors while being pinned, and the seamstress gives her opinion about what would be best. In Africa, I went to a shop about the size of a walk-in closet where I changed into my dress in a bathroom filled with supplies and dirt. While stepping on a towel, I managed to get into my dress unscathed. Walking out of the bathroom, the three women in the shop carefully took me to a carpet (no mirrors available) to stand on while being pinned up, asking me exactly what I wanted. They were sweet as can be as Sara, my seamstress, repeated herself again and again, "We are so blessed to do your wedding dress!" I suspect that Wednesday, when I go for a fitting, there will still be no mirror to look in, but I'm thankful to find someone I trust to cut my dress up and sew it to fit and to see the joy on the faces of those women as they get to be a part of my big day. Truthfully, these ladies with their treadle machines and tiny work space will probably put more effort and care into altering my dress than the quaint little shop in America that sews dress after dress. And changing in the bathroom... makes getting married in Kenya all the more adventurous!

(This picture isn't my real dress. Just one of many I tried on in America. Not showing you yet!:)


  1. Cannot wait to see the real thing. I wish you and Will all the best.


  2. Well, the back looks beautiful! I'm excited to see pictures of the dress on wedding day!
    Peace to you as you finish up with all the planning!

  3. That makes me miss being a bride. Enjoy it. It's so much fun!

  4. Tricky girl!!!!! I was a bit surprised you were posting this... I can't wait to see the REAL thing - you will be gorgeous!!!