Monday, January 11, 2010

A Glimpse Forward

I'm back in Kenya. Sleeping in my own bed. Wearing flip flops. Working. It's good to be home, getting into a routine again, and staying warm. But I must admit that I'm missing family and the relaxation of being in the States with no responsibilities. I guess laziness must come to an end some time.

Arriving in Kenya made me start thinking about all the things that are going to happen this year. Things I can actually give some attention to now that the craziness of 2009 has ended...
I'm getting married.
I'm going to start a new job (God willing).
I'm moving in with a boy (three actually).
I'm switching from a pc to a mac.
My family and friends are visiting me in Kenya.
I'm going to finish my 10th year of teaching.

Lots to look forward to! All of these things are actually happening in the next six months. Crazy! I need to remember this relaxed holiday feeling I have right now, so that when I'm freaking out or feeling stressed about things, I'll remember - It's all going to happen regardless of how worried I am about things, so just enjoy it! My New Year's resolution... Enjoy this amazing year God's given me (and not stress out that my whole life is changing)!


  1. I'm so excited for your life! Wish I could be there in March to celebrate with you!

  2. So glad you had a nice vacation and safe travels. Lots to look forward to these next few months! Good luck!

  3. That resolution fits us all. Love you much.~~

  4. hang on to the holiday feelings! Love your list of things happening this year--it's a BIG year! Take lots of deep breaths and remember you have lots of friends praying for you. =)

  5. SO glad to hear this big trip was relaxing. :) That's a really good thing