Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Real Life

After living in Kenya for over a year, the novelty has worn off. Driving in chaotic traffic, passing donkey pulled carts on the street, and unlimited access to mangoes and avocados has become a normal part of every day life. A trip to the coast is still exciting, but nothing new to blog about. Safari pictures of elephants, lions, and cheetahs have been posted time and time again. The things that were blog-worthy have already been written about, so my blog is slowly losing its appeal. What is new about my view of Africa? It seems like everything here is just normal, filled with the day-to-day to-do list like everyone else: work, friends, family, grocery shopping, and the occasional dinner out on the town.

It's amazing how quickly a foreign place becomes familiar. I feel I've been reaching to find something new to write about and find nothing to grasp. Yet so much in my life has changed this year... I'm getting married. I'm changing jobs. I'm dealing with the joys and the stresses that comes with major life changes. To be honest, I haven't wanted to write about the real-life part of living in Africa, the part that isn't much different from living in America, the part that is very personal.

My view of Africa these days... It's real life like anywhere else.


  1. What are you changing jobs to?

  2. But I want to hear about the normal stuff!!! Friends having babies, photos of your new place, wedding plans, what crazy things Joe is saying, what was playing at Monday Misouri (sp?) Madness, what the funniest picture you have seen lately on the mutatus, what's happening at the children's center in Limuru... you know, the every day stuff. The GOOD stuff. =)

    love you and look forward to future posts!

  3. Yes, I completely agree with Erin! However, I also understand not wanting your life totally on display in a blog. That's probably why I haven't started one. I do miss your updates and check for them often though. Love you babe!

  4. Changing to another school - I hope. We'll see what God does. Some not-so-good stuff went down at my old school. Looking for a new job... Pray I find one.

  5. Kim, love the picture of you and Will. You are positively glowing. Life experience comment -do not know what happened at RA, but not so good stuff happens at all jobs.

    Love you and have a wonderful Christmas.