Sunday, August 2, 2009

I made it!

After two months of traveling across America, I made it back to Kenya safe and sound. It was a crazy summer in the States, but a fun-filled one. I've been horrible about blogging it all the last month, which I'm sorry for. I'll make it all up soon. Now it's back to the normal routine of things, which I must admit I'm grateful for. Traveling non-stop and moving to a new place every two to four days was a bit exhausting for me, but totally worth it. Thank you family and friends for a wonderful summer. You blessed me lots! I don't think you can know all the ways you have been a support to me this summer. Sleeping in my own bed again and seeing people I love in Kenya is refreshing and strange. Refreshing because I can just sit and do nothing and be in my own neck of the woods again. Strange because it feels so normal. Kenya is home. However, Oregon is home. Alaska is home. I have many homes. I guess I'm realizing that home is where the people I love are.


  1. Kim, am glad that you are back safe and sound. Know how it feels to finally be in your own space without having to pull up stakes frequently. Hope I will get to see you again sometime in the future. Email when you get a chance.

    God Bless,


  2. Glad you made it and are adjusting to being back well. I'm sure it was a wonderful reunion. We should skype soon. Love you.

  3. Glad you arrived safe and sound! It was fun having here this summer but I'm excited for you to continue building your life in Kenya!

  4. Kim, just knowing you're in Kenya, I miss ya already! :) But you are absolutely HOME and where you should be, so I'm glad for you! It was a blessing seeing you this summer! Keep your blog updated, girl! I love it!